My Mess!

I am stressed beyond the limits. I’m trying to do breathing exercises and just calm myself but it just isn’t working. I’m really never one for a bad attitude but lately I’m just over it all. Work, School, People. My dog is really the only thing that makes me smile. No matter how crappy my day is or was I come home and there she is!! Wagging her tail acting like I haven’t been home in days!!! She needs me!! She missed me!! She loves me!! I wish sometimes I could she through her eyes. What’s she sees in me. What does my heart look like to her. She’s a free spirit! She was adopted by me and G 2 months ago. She definitely has come along way!! She’s like what I would imagine having a toddler would be like. She’s into everything, she doesn’t listen, but she’s smart!! She knows what I’m saying!! She’s a mess but I love her and she’s my mess!!!


Night School Blows

Hey everyone… Omg night school blows!!! I have complete idiots in my class. I just want to freaking scream!!! I have one girl who is a freaking know it all 22 year old.( No offense to young people or anyone going to night school. I just am having a blog rant!!!) Then I have a 21 year old that wants to be in my business. Last time I checked I’m not here for friends or tea time. I’m here to finish and get my certificate. I swear!!!! So if you’ve read my blog the past postings have been a little depressing. I’m sorry about that. But I come into class tonight and just be chill and this girl ask if  something was going on at home???? News flash none of your business whore!! And NO nothing is going on at home. My eggs are unfertilized and my uterus is empty.. There that’s what’s going on. And yes I prejudged and called her a whore. I’m just assuming since she has 7 seriously 7 guys she “talks” to… I’m sorry for the ranting!!! Better to rant here than at home!! He he makes for a happier G!!! Until next time,

Stella Nash