Thursday and I’m loosing my mind.

Hello friends! I just wanted to say Happy Thursday!! I have completely lost my mind! I literally thought today was Friday! I am waiting on a special call tomorrow and I’ve been really nervous about it!! I am hoping it leads to whatever God intends. Since the call I’m waiting for is so unlikely of me to volunteer, that’s why I’m nervous!!! It definitely is a God thing for sure! I will update you all on that!!

I have been trying to catch up on the Bachelor! I hear Krystal is gone!! Thank goodness!! She drove me crazy!! As you can see I’m a few episodes behind!!! What is with this kissing bandit Arie anyway? How can one fall in love 5 minuets in?! That’s why I love this train wreck! In my opinion, Chris Harrison is cuter than this years bachelor! I’ve always wondered why he didn’t become the Bachelor?! I’m married but I would sign up!! Hehe I’m kidding! That would most likely bring some drama they love over there at the Bachelor!!



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