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ITS A NEW YEAR!! 2018!!!

Happy New Year!! I am sorry I am late! Things have been crazy busy and I just had a moment to sit down. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday! I have a small announcement! I have had this tug at my heart to change my blog ideas and “Step Out In Faith”! We still are trying to conceive and I will not totally give up this platform! I just feel like by studying God’s word and growing closer to Him, everything will fall into place the way it needs to. This is very scary for me because I have never felt a calling before, this is how I know this is real. I don’t know where this will lead if it leads anywhere. Only God knows that! I feel like venting and being negative all the time about infertility is in itself unhealthy. I am not saying we all don’t have our days for tears and anger but I know myself and being depressed all the time about if I will or will not be a mother is eating my life away. In turn that is whyI have felt this calling for over the past few months I am just now accepting the call. We will see where God will lead us. Thank you all for taking the time to read and support.


Stella Nash