I turned 32 last week. Scared. Depressed. Mortified. Having no kids yet has definitely hit me hard last week. We have come to a halt on everything kid trying. It just sucks. And frankly pisses me. I have a friend who decided that her 32 was going to have 32 adventures . I support it and I am jealous. How can I let go and not worry about all the shit around me to have 32 adventures? I thought by now we would have said kids doing the parenting part of life. Now I’ve decided I’m writing a book about infertility. Why? Is it so I can rehash the pain and desperation while I type every single word? 32 I hope for a better year. Maybe I can talk my friend into joining her 32 adventures maybe I do my own! I’m hoping by starting over and reinventing myself, like most celebrities, it will just happen. I’m hoping for more sunshine and less depressing posts. Until next time.

Stella Nash