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Mentally Exhausted

I am over trying.  My body obviously hates me.  I swear the next person that tells me to relax and it will happen  I will Miss Piggy karate chop. I am trying to keep hope and faith that we will become pregnant but what if we don’t?  All that time wasted we could have been pursuing other options.  3 years of treatments 6 years total of trying and nothing.  I hate pregnancy announcements.  I really don’t have hate in my heart it just bothers me.  Clomid hates me.  IUI hates me.  What did I do to deserve this? 

Stella Nash


1 thought on “Mentally Exhausted”

  1. Yeah those people who all have a story about someone they knew who “just went on vacation” and it happened. Ugh. My favorite moment is in “What to Expect When Your Expecting” is when the lady tells Jennifer Lopez who’d been through infertility treatments that she’d ‘better get started, you might lose your window’. As for Clomid and Femara, I don’t know anyone who it’s worked – just a lot of women like me who doctors have told to take multiple rounds of it then hated it (I did Femara and it wrecked me). Question for you – have you had your AMH and FSH checked? I did that fairly early on and it turned out my AMH was so low and FSH so high that Femara/IUI was a waste of time – which my (previous) doctor never bothered to tell me as she took my hard-earned money. We got a new doctor and he said don’t waste your money on more IUIs, and we’ve started on donor egg IVF -more expensive obviously than the Femara but way higher percentage of success is proven. Just my story 🙂 (We’re also doing international adoption – figured we’d start that paperwork at the same time to get a good answer one way or another about being parents!)

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