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Round 3 of Clomid Hell

Well started round 3 yesterday. Geez I’m already over this. My husband got good and bad news today. Good news his sperm is moving good. Bad news quantity. He is starting Clomid as well. But then we had this conversation that turned into a complete disagreement. We are seeing a new fertility doctor Friday. He said now we can’t afford IVF. I said no one has that kind of money. I feel like he is giving up and now he doesn’t want this as much as me. I hope and pray that this gets better and he will get back on board. I hope he is just scared and unsure. I am scared as well but we need to be a team not fighting separate battles. Until next time,

Stella Nash


4 thoughts on “Round 3 of Clomid Hell”

  1. My husband and I had the very same disagreements before we finally did IVF. I hated that time so much. I believe it will pass, keep the faith and u will both be on the same page again soon. I hope this clomid does the trick and u dont need to worry about IVF anyways!

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      1. Funny u bring that up…we did not use them for our past cycles but now we have maxed out all of our credit cards and have no choice but to go for the grants. I just applied recently for 2 and am awaiting hearing back…here is the info on these ligit grants (we got the info from our clinic) -payitforwardfertility and babyquest, I think they are both .org! Good luck if you go that route 😊

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