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14 DPO

So I took a pregnancy test this am…. Negative. I guess I’m over it now. Guess we will do round 2 of Clomid. Geez why can’t it just be simple? Why can’t we all just conceive on the first try? And if we do why can’t we carry to full term and have a beautiful baby in our arms? What the heck life? I know its in God’s time and not my own. I’m also told he never gives us more than we can handle He must see something in me I do not. Well until next,

Stella Nash



So I broke down and took  a pregnancy test because I couldn’t wait 5 more days. Guess what? Negative…. Of course. I’m just so over it. I’m aware its probably a tad early to test but this is getting ridiculous. Well that’s my fun Sunday. Hope everyone else is having a better day. Until next time,

Stella Nash

2ww update

I’m actually in complete shock right now! My day 21 blood work sent from 6.8 last month without Clomid to 22.8 this cycle with! I’m so happy but scared what if I don’t get pregnant this round. I mean who gets pregnant on their first round of anything. Now we just play the waiting game!! It would be the best birthday present ever!!! Thanks to everyone who has and is praying and sending thoughts! Until next time,

Stella Nash

2ww Update

So today was my day 21 blood draw. We shall we tomorrow if I ovulated with the Clomid. I’m just not feeling it. Im already counting myself out. Anyway I will let y’all know tomorrow what the results. Until next time,

Stella Nash


Gosh I haven’t posted in a few days. Well I finished Clomid and now we are just waiting you know the dreaded 2 week wait. Im already counting myself out because I’m so used to but my husband G is very optimistic. He says he feels good about this time. Well we shall see. I’ve been quite because I’m just tired and have a lot on my mind. Oh I started yoga. Its very good. I like it so far. I read that yoga helps fertility so I thought why the hell not we have tried everything else. Well I’ll keep y’all update on the 2 we. Today is day 3 past ovulation no symptoms. Until next time,

Stella Nash