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Mad as Hell

I am so hurt right now. I found out I didn’t get the job I was waiting to hear about. Do you guys remember several posts ago I mentioned a “friend” of mine told me we shouldn’t adopt. Anyway we had a big falling out because I called her on the hurtful things she said. Her husband is the one who gave me the interview. I only met in 1 time. I knew his name though. I know today that when I received the email telling me he went with someone else I knew it was a personal decision not a business decision. I’m so angry and upset. I guess it wasn’t meant for me to work under him but what kind of man bases his decision for a company on something his wife said about me? You are no man you are a coward and a little bitch. Stay out of women business. She doesn’t even work there. Until next time,

Stella Nash


Hot Flashes from Hell

Holy hell!!! So last night was my second dose of Clomid. I read to take it before bed to sleep off most of the side effects. But last night I thought i was sleeping in an inferno. It was soooooo hot!!!! And this morning same thing!! So I’m not sure who’s idea this was but boy I sure am experiencing some hot as hell flashes!!!! No word on my interview yet. So my anxiety is through the roof!! All I can do is wait and pray! Until next time,

Stella Nash

Day 2 Clomid

Well day 1 was yesterday of Clomid. Only hot flashes to report! I’m hoping since its a low dose I won’t have many side effects. I feel overall pretty good. I had a huge job interview today so just waiting to hear the news about that so I’m a little anxious. Now just riding out a thunderstorm and reading a book! Until next time,

Stella Nash

On the Edge

Good morning friends. Just sitting at lunch thinking. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not!! Well tonight I start my first round of Clomid and u have this nervous pit in my stomach. I can’t hardly eat. I know there’s nothing to be nervous about but I can’t help but think what if it doesn’t work what if we have to raise our dose and waste another month. Dang it I just want it work! I’m already preparing myself that it won’t . I know sounds really reassuring but if I don’t I’ll be heart broken. Well cheers to Clomid and baby dust to us all. Until next time,

Stella Nash


Well this may be TMI but day 1 of my cycle started today!! I’m really happy. Only because I want to start my Clomid!!! I’m looking forward to this part of our journey. I’ve never wanted to get my day 1 cycle but this was the only time I was excited to see Aunt Flo!! Well so on Day 5 we start and of course I’ll let y’all know how it goes!!! Until next time,

Stella Nash

Rant Day

Omg. I’m so frustrated today. G went to go get his testosterone checked which is low but they can’t give him any treatments because we are doing fertility treatments. What the hell??? I’m so over bad news. I just want good news for a change. So Now back to square 1 again. FML ……..

Disney Movies Always Get Me

I’m watching Toy Story 3 and I always cry!!! I know how its going to end! Disney movies always make me cry!!! Especially recently my emotions are running high! I just keep think one day will take my children to Disney and share with them all these movies I grew up with. But I’m starting to doubt it will happen. Its hard to keep the faith sometimes but I do just keep pressing on and hoping. Its all I have. To infinity and beyond,

Stella Nash