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Helpful hints.

Calling all persons who read this. So I have wrote a little about the struggles me and my husband are having trying to conceive. But now I am feeling defeated. I feel like I’m loosing my husband and he is disinterested in everything me, our home, trying to make a baby. I was wondering if anyone or other couples trying to conceive have gone through this. What did y’all do to over come it? We have taken a 6 month break and I’m ready to start trying again but he’s not so much on board.  I don’t want to push him away and keep talking or harping about having a baby but I also don’t want us to waste and loose time. Until next time,

Stella Nash


Cutting The Rope.


In 1 month I will be turning 30. A lot of people have been upset to turn this BIG age. Why? I’m actually excited! I actually feel like a grown up. I’m also taking a long look at people I have met in my twenties and cutting them out if they are negative and poisoning the water hole. I have no time to play high school games at 30. High school was over for me 11 years ago. Why play games with others still? Is it a female thing? Are females that insecure? Are females trying to be the dominant friend? I can’t anymore. I was made fun of and judged as a kid and I probably still am. I’ve decided to put myself in that persons shoes and try my best to stop prejudging. I’d rather have 3 best friends I know that I can count on then 25 “friends” who know nothing about me. So bring it on 30!! I welcome you with open arms!! Until next time,

Stella Nash

Hard Rock Punta Cana


So I just got back on our summer vacation. To start off it was my husband’s turn to pick vacation spot. He chose Hard Rock Punta Cana. Well, I have a lot of pro’s and con’s. Would we ever go back? I’m kind of indifferent. Anyway, first of all the resort itself is huge 53 acres or something. Secondly, its very beautiful. Now, it was an all inclusive resort. Drinks and food were so disappointing. Food was mediocre at best. We have been to another all inclusive in Mexico and when comparing the resort in Mexico wins for me. The spa was the best part for me. It was very clean and very relaxing. I spent 3 days there! Had a holistic massage. Lol it was a journey so to speak.The ocean was very blue and you could see straight to the bottom. The people who worked the resort were very nice and helpful. Room service took forever. 45 to an hour waiting on your order. I just don’t know if it was worth it. I felt like we were paying for the name. If we go back to Pinta Cana we will be trying a different resort. Until next time,

Stella Nash


This blog may not make any sense by the time I’m done with it!! I just feel like writing about all kinds of things not just limit myself. Anyway, thanks for those who are following me. I didn’t expect that at all. I’m truly excited and happy that y’all care enough to read what I have got to say. Hope everyone has a great Monday. I’m sure this isn’t the last post for today!! Until next time,

Stella Nash

The Struggle is Real.


For 2 years now me and my husband have been trying to conceive. So far no luck. We have done the natural way and we have done the fertility treatment way. I have prayed many nights for a baby and I know I have many prayer warriors who are still praying. Sometimes though it’s just a struggle. Babies seem to follow me everywhere. I have days where I just want to give up and call everyone and tell them hey just quit sending us your thoughts and prayers because we are done. I know that is just exactly when a miracle happens, when you are about to give up. Yeah I smile on the outside but inside I literally hurt and ache. I wish our baby would come. It even sucks when doctors tell you that you fall in the 5% unexplained infertility. Yay us! Not really yay. If I don’t have a little humor about this then I would likely be on medications and possibly locked away somewhere. I just am having one of those days today that I needed to express some thoughts and feelings.

Until Next Time,

Stella Nash

First Time Blogger

I am Stella Nash. I am a first time blogger. I want to share my thoughts and views on everything! I am not even sure if people will read any of this but I love to write and I love to talk so I thought by putting those 2 things together that some magic would happen! Anyway, I have no idea what Ill be blogging about only that I love my family and friends and that in itself is pretty interesting! I also love music and to travel so I may discuss those things as well. Thanks for reading this if you did and if you didn’t well at least I feel like I’m doing something creative with my time!! Until next time,

Stella Nash

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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